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"The Weimar Touch"

Panel discussion with members of the Curatorial Board

Podiumsgespräch mit der Auswahlkommission (In englischer Sprache)

This year’s Retrospective "The Weimar Touch" is devoted to how cinema from the Weimar Republic influenced international filmmaking after 1933. It focuses on the through lines, reciprocal interplay and transformations displayed especially in the films of German-speaking emigrants up through the 1950s
Weimar cinema between 1918 and 1933 was characterized by a high level of artistic diversity. It created forms and genres that enjoyed international respect and recognition. After the Nazis seized power, Weimar-era filmmakers brought this legacy to bear on the unfamiliar cinema of their countries of exile – in Hungary, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal or the USA.
In this panel discussion, the films in the Retrospective will be introduced by the members of the Curatorial Board, Rainer Rother (Section Director of the Retrospective and Artistic Director of the Deutsche Kinemathek), Rajendra Roy (Chief Curator of Film at MoMA), Laurence Kardish (former Senior Curator of Film at MoMA), Connie Betz (Deutsche Kinemathek, Programme Coordinator Retrospective), and Hans-Michael Bock (Cinegraph, Hamburg).

In English

2013, 60 min