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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Lee Lieh (Executive Producer)
Stone (Actor)
Mavis Fan (Actress)
Arvin Chen (Director)
Moderation: Andreas Struck

Introverted Weichung has been married to Feng for nine years. They have one son together, and Feng would like to have another child with him. One day Stephen, an old friend who now organises weddings, appears and encourages Weichung to return to the gay life he had previously. Anxious not to lose his wife, Weichung tentatively begins seeing a flight attendant behind Feng’s back.
Weichung’s impulsive sister Mandy dumps her fiancée San-San in the middle of a supermarket. She is equally at a loss and dreams of being with a soap star. Good-natured but desperate San-San tries to woo her back with ever more romantic ideas. While Stephen and even Feng’s mother persist in meddling in the couples’ affairs, Feng becomes an independent woman.
Chen Arvin's charming film brings classical approaches to partnerships into playful disarray. He comically opens up the borders of the nuclear family, integrating it into a diverse community which manages to strike a balance between independence and the forming of bonds, friendship and sexual fulfilment.

Taiwan 2013, 104 min


Arvin Chen


Richie Jen
Mavis Fan
Kimi Hsia
Lawrence Ko

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