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Cita - Citaku Setinggi Tanah

Stepping on the Flying Grass

Durch fliegendes Gras

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A group of village school children talk about their dearest wishes. Since they’ve all been asked to write an essay about the topic they begin to think seriously about their dreams. Mey, a girl, is determined to become a famous actor. Agus would love to dine out at a Padang restaurant and eat a meal fit for a king. Mey practices her seductive smile – but perhaps her dream is not really her own but that of her ambitious mother? Agus doesn’t tell his parents anything about his dream but they barely get to see him during the next few weeks. He carves himself a bamboo piggy bank and seizes the opportunity to earn some cash as a courier. After a while, Agus realises that even small dreams can only come true if you work on them. The film, which starts off as a documentary, continues to follow its protagonists closely in order to portray the beauty of a simple but intact childhood in rural Indonesia.

Indonesia 2012, 79 min


Eugene Panji


M. Syihab Imam Muttaqin
Rizqullah Maulana Daffa
Iqbal Zuhda Irsyad
Dewi Wulandari Cahyaningrum