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Ta av mig

Undress Me

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Night. Two people - a man and a woman – meet. Above all else, their attraction for one another is palpable. Their attraction and their desire to kiss, and more.
'My place, or yours?' A journey begins through the city's empty streets. He caresses her, wants to kiss her. 'You're the first …' he whispers into her ear, but surely she isn't his first woman ' … who is taller than me and who has a deeper voice.' 'I had an operation, three years ago.'
After his initial shock, curiosity gets the better of him. He wants to touch her but she withdraws. 'You've got breasts, I've felt them. Can I see them?' 'Here?' 'Yes, there's nobody around.' 'But it's cold … can I see your dick?' 'Here?' 'If I have to show you my breasts, I should be able to see your dick.'
Plenty of viewing and gazing occurs during this night. Desire will always find a way. But who is creating who, and what will remain?

Sweden 2013, 15 min


Victor Lindgren


Jana Bringlöv Ekspong
Björn Elgerd

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