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Friday afternoon in a park in Jerusalem. Shabbat is about to begin and people are making their final preparations. The park is almost empty – apart from the gay cruising scene. A young man, Oren, needs to make a phone call, but he hasn’t got a mobile with him. He addresses a passing Armenian but isn’t sure if the man has even understood him. But the cleric is after something else entirely. Oren acquiesces, caught between curiosity and fear, desire and danger. Then his lover appears; this is the man he really wants. The two go to his apartment where Oren again tries to make his phone call, this time with success. Their passion is delayed by his phone call, but not prevented.

Israel 2012, 20 min


Oren Adaf


Oren Adaf
Netanel Azulay
Shani Adaf
Nir Erez
Roni Adaf

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