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Dina and Noel

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An old man is dying. His carer Noel sits quietly by his side. Dina, the man’s granddaughter, appears in an animal costume. She raids the fridge and then goes off to have fun with her friends. When she returns late at night, her grandfather is dead. Dina and Noel lovingly stroke the man’s hands, comb his hair, smoke a cigarette, share a laugh and then go out into the night time city. Loud electronic music awaits them in a club. As the sun rises they leap into the sea’s clear, cleansing waters. Their night of farewell is also a new beginning. Dina and Noel finds unconventional cinematic means to portray the attitude to life among young Israelis.

Israel 2012, 10 min


Sivan Levy, Natalie Melamed


Sivan Levy
Glenn Tidula Perocho