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Perspektive Deutsches Kino


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The idyllic monotony surrounding 71-year-old Pavel’s white trailer is the perfect accompaniment to his rather melancholy retirement between the sand dunes and the sleepy harbour town nearby. The streets are deserted, the bus stop has long since been out of use, and even the pale dune grass can only bow down before the icy wind, just as it always has done. But then, one day, Pavel picks up the heavy receiver of his Bakelite telephone and calls his old friend Jack. He then sets off, straight ahead, for California. However, the more often he states the name of his destination, the less he seems to know where his path will actually lead him.
A road movie delicately filtered through a melancholic gauze, with a leading man who one could easily take to be a legitimate descendant of Buster Keaton’s sadly comic vagabond. Go West!

Germany 2013, 27 min


Laura Mahlberg


Pavel Bobrov
Elvira Köhler
Anselm Breier
Barbara Kosariszuk