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State 194

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After many failed attempts to negotiate peace with Israel, in 2011 the Palestinian National Authority submits an application to the United Nations to gain recognition for Palestine as the 194th member state. To prepare for the application, in 2009, Prime Minister Salam Fayyed launches an ambitious infrastructure plan. Fayyed travels throughout the Palestinian territories canvassing support for his idea. His modern political style is designed to demonstrate that the Palestinians are ready to found a nation state. Public buildings are constructed everywhere and even remote villages receive an electricity supply. At the same time, it becomes apparent that Fayyed cannot achieve anything as long as political negotiations with Israel are in gridlock. In July 2011, the UN Security Council meets to discuss the Palestinian application.
The film’s directors were given exclusive access to those in the corridors of power on both the Palestinian and Israeli side and spent two years filming the most important political players as Israeli, Palestinian and American activists and lobbyists campaign for a genuine, non-violent solution.

USA / Israel 2012, 98 min


Dan Setton

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