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Silvi - Maybe Love

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Silvi is in her late forties. Her husband has just left her. Until this point, she was fairly content with her life, but now everything is in ruins. A friend advises her to make a fresh start. But how is that supposed to work? Especially if you see yourself as a team player and there’s no team in sight you would want to join. Driven by a sense of longing, helplessness and curiosity, Silvi tries to make new friends and, in her own, touchingly earnest but also naïve and charmingly uninhibited way, starts to take control of her life. Anonymous sex, cosy romanticism and bondage games catapult her from one emotional disaster to the next. But, thankfully, Silvi is indestructible.
This film, inspired by real-life events, contains a number of bizarre moments but at the same time toys with the charm of authenticity. A series of interviews with the main protagonist permeate the film. These conversations make Silvi appear more real and also add more layers and complexity to the film’s narrative structure.

Germany 2013, 97 min


Nico Sommer


Lina Wendel
Thorsten Merten
Harald Polzin
Iván Gallardo
Peter Trabner