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Chemi sabnis naketsi

A Fold in My Blanket

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Dimitrij loves going off on solo climbing expeditions. He'll do anything to escape the gruellingly surreal conformity of the small Georgian town he lives in and the monotony of the courthouse where he works. His father, the judge, presides over the courthouse with the same despotic manner he rules the dinner table at home.
A man hands out faded flags in the neighbourhood; an aunt suffering from Alzheimer's is convinced her brother-in-law has robbed her; and people come together on dreary afternoons to kill time eating cake, pouring forth monologues and listening to operatic arias. One day, a stranger named Andrej turns up and Dimitrij convinces him to accompany him on his climbing expeditions. He pulls Andrei ever closer into his world, determined to befriend him. But then Andrej disappears. Dimitrij believes all is lost before his imagination persuades him to pursue a series of mysterious leads.
Zaza Rusadze’s film is an oppressively atmospheric portrait of a small town community caught up in the treadmill of habit. With magical images illustrating the central character's vivid imagination, this assured work casually reveals the protagonist’s emotional world.

Georgia 2013, 75 min


Zaza Rusadze


Tornike Bziava
Tornike Gogrichiani
Zura Kipshidze
Avtandil Makharadze
Giorgi Nakashidze

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