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NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema

O Le Tulafale

The Orator

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Humble Saili is something of an outcast who lives with his beautiful wife and her daughter on the outskirts of the village. The neighbours threaten to take away the land where Saili’s father’s grave lies, while a family feud makes his life even more complicated. To restore harmony and earn the respect of those around him, Saili boldly takes on the role of village orator assigned to him by tradition. The ensuing battle of words develops a compelling dramatic momentum of its own; both winner and loser instinctively acknowledge the outcome. "My film shows my home, the way I remember it from my childhood", says Tusi Tamasese. His directorial debut combines a classic underdog narrative with the much-respected Samoan tradition of oratory. This is the first film to be made exclusively in Samoa and the Samoan language.

Samoa / New Zealand 2011, 110 min


Tusi Tamasese


Fa'afiaula Sagote
Tausili Pushparaj
Salamasina Mataia