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Feb 18, 2012:
Translating Music into Images and Movements: First Winners of Berlinale Shorts 2012: the DAAD Short Film Prize and the Berlin Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards

This year’s distinguished members of the International Short Film Jury - Emily Jacir, one of the Middle East’s most important contemporary artists; Sandra Hüller, renowned and prize-winning actress of the stage and the screen, and winner of the Silver Bear in 2006 for her performance in Requiem (directed by Hans-Christian Schmid) and Irish-born California-based film maker David OReilly, who is known for his innovative animations and won the Golden Bear in 2009 for his short film Please Say Something - award the DAAD Short Film Prize and Berlin Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards to the following productions:

The DAAD Short Film Prize of the Artists-in-Berlin Programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) goes to director Trevor Anderson from Canada for his film The Man that Got Away. This musical tells the life story of the filmmaker’s great-uncle, who was from the Canadian provinces. Uncle Jimmy knew already as a kid that he was gay, and didn’t like how this felt in a world where his brothers were mechanics and outfielders on the local baseball team. And so he left home for the big city where life whisked him away. The Jury explains its choice as follows: “This eccentric film employs outstanding music and choreography to create a hilarious, personal narrative full of emotion.” In 2009, Trevor Anderson also participated in the Berlinale Shorts with his film The Island. The DAAD Short Film Prize includes a grant for a three-month stay in Berlin. Other scholarship holders participating in the DAAD Artists Programme in the category film are or were Avi Moghrabhi from Israel, Xiaolu Guo from China, Asghar Farhadi from Iran and winner of the Golden Bear for his feature Jodaeiye Nader az Simin (A Separation) in 2011.

The nomination for the best European short film, the Berlin Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards, goes to the film Vilaine fille mauvais garçon (Two Ships) by Justine Triet from France. The production is the first fictional film by this visual artist and a reflection on the big city lives of two people in their thirties: Thomas is a young artist who is broke and single. Laetitia is an attractive, intelligent young woman in high heels. A dance. An invitation. The pair spends the night together, running back and forth between hospital and bed, between a lightness and high drama. They are the bright stars that give paintings their depth. The Jury explains its choice as follows: “An attempt to tell the story of two solitary figures trying to find a moment of lightness amidst the constantly interrupting weight of reality around them. Using documentary-like techniques the director brings us so close to the characters that we believe they are real.”

The winners of the Golden and Silver Bears for the Best Short Films will be announced tonight at the Award Ceremony in the Berlinale Palast.

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February 18, 2012

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