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Oct 27, 2011:
First Steps towards a Climate-Friendly Berlinale

The Berlinale and energy supplier ENTEGA, Germany’s second largest provider of green electricity, are pleased with first results: in 2010 the partners set themselves the goal of significantly improving the Festival’s CO2 levels. Over three years a number of measures are to be implemented. And a start has been made: commissioned by ENTEGA, Öko-Institut e.V. (Institute for Applied Ecology) measured the Berlinale’s carbon footprint; the event and the Festival’s year-round operations were analysed separately.

First measures to reduce these levels have already been determined and implemented: at the beginning of 2011, the complete power supply of the Berlinale offices was switched to green energy. This means that the emissions of hazardous greenhouse gases produced by the Berlinale organization, which operates year round, will be reduced by about 12% in comparison to last year. Savings were also made in the sectors merchandising and catering as well as in paper consumption and these savings are to be optimized further in the coming two years. Analysis of the Festival in 2011 revealed that in some areas, for instance, transport and logistics, there is further potential for saving. Over the next years steps are to be taken to realize such savings.

Transport and especially aeroplanes account for a major portion of CO2 emissions. So the Berlinale now offsets the emissions resulting from its staff’s business flights by supporting diverse forestry projects that meet international standards.

Visitors to the Festival may also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the Berlinale. In 2012 they will have the possibility (at of calculating the CO2 emissions they cause by travelling to the Festival and compensating individually for them by purchasing a certificate. To balance and offset CO2 levels, ENTEGA is collaborating with its partner company Forest Carbon Group.

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October 27, 2011

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