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Panel: Psychosphere and Capitalism

The modulation of the "psychosphere" (Franco Bifo Berardi) is a crucial dimension of contemporary capitalism. It is that which exists between the individual and its psyche and a collective whose imaginary is largely formed by mass media and the economy of social networks. How does one define the relation between a socio-political and a psychological today? What are its psychological effects and symptoms? This panel asks for the actuality of the critique of psychiatry that had its origins in the 1960s for current debates, and explores different aspects of an aesthetic "symptomology".

with Kodwo Eshun of The Otolith Group (artist, scholar, Forum Expanded), Angela Melitopoulos (artist, Forum Expanded), and Iram Ghufran (artist, filmmaker, Forum Expanded)

Moderator: Anselm Franke

0, 120 min


Kodwo Eshun, Angela Melitopoulos, Iram Ghufran, Moderation: Anselm Franke