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The Bridges of Madison County

Die Brücken am Fluss

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Iowa in the 1960s. Francesca, an Italian woman, lives with her husband and two adolescent children on a secluded farm. When her family leaves for the cattle market in the city, she stays at home and looks forward to a few days of quiet. But then Robert Kincaid, a photographer from New York, appears on her doorstep, asking for directions to Roseman Bridge so that he can photograph it for a National Geographic series. Francesca is immediately attracted to the stranger and offers to accompany him. Later she invites him to dinner. As they tell each other about their very different lives, the tension between them grows. When they meet again the next day, Francesca senses that this encounter will change her forever. The entire life of this woman, who came to the United States after World War II as the bride of an American soldier, has suddenly been thrown into question. There is not much time left for her to make an existential choice …

Director Clint Eastwood’s gracious reserve makes this one of the most beautiful grown-up love stories in cinema.

Print courtesy of Warner Bros Deutschland

USA 1995, 135 min


Clint Eastwood


Meryl Streep
Clint Eastwood
Annie Corley