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Prikljutschenija kitajtschat

Adventures of the Little Chinese

Die Abenteuer der kleinen Chinesen

Using a malleable compound, puppet designer Margarita Benderskaya was able to form extremely versatile puppets, whose faces and, above all, eyes make it seem as if there are no limits on what they can and cannot do.
Two poor Chinese children are searching for a country in which the “poor people are free,” as the simple rhymes in the captions say. They look for it in Africa and in the USA and finally find it, of course (!), in the Soviet Union, where (in 1928) they suddenly find themselves being integrated into freedom – USSR-style – at the Pioneers’ camp: with drum rolls, marches, and collective singing.

Print courtesy of La Cinémathèque de Toulouse

UDSSR 1928, 18 min


Margarita Benderskaja