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Out Off

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Out of prison, back to freedom and to a normal way of life: inmates often like to think of the day of their release as a big event, but being on the outside unleashes nothing but emptiness in 39-year-old Nina, for whom it seems nobody has been waiting.
Nina is released after having served a long prison sentence. It’s time for her to find her place in the world. Her brother quickly helps her to find an apartment and even a job – badly paid – but nonetheless. Nina gets in touch with her now grown-up daughter, Anna, only to discover a complete stranger. Time has ridden roughshod over this woman; every step she takes, she finds herself up against the impenetrable rules of a new world that is as cold and disdainful as it is beautiful.

Germany 2012, 26 min


Janis Mazuch


Pascale Schiller
Maik Solbach
Juli Klement

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