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Entre les Bras

Step Up To The Plate

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ENTRE LES BRAS is a movie about the relationship that exists between cuisine/cooking and the human spirit. Observing the work of the Michelin starred chef Michel Bras and his son Sébastien, set in the Aubrac region, a third, but essential, character in the movie. A father transmitting his restaurant to his son. Both a crucial but inevitably different moment in their lives. In 2009, three-Michelin-stars French chef Michel Bras decides to hand his restaurant over to his son Sébastien, who has been working with him for 15 years. Step up to the plate tells the story of these extraordinary dishes prepared by a father and a son, in the hilly landscape of Aubrac region. We follow this gastronomic transmission, and enter intimately in their family ties. Between Jonathan Nossiter's Mondovino and Raymond Depardon's La Vie Moderne, this documentary draws a moving and joyful portrait of this outstanding family devoted to the Haute Cuisine for three generations.

France 2011, 90 min


Paul Lacoste


Michel Bras
Sébastien Bras

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