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Two Little Boys

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Everything goes wrong one night for Nige. Speeding down the road, he sees the police, panics, and before he knows it, he runs over and kills a Norwegian football star on a backpacking tour. Luckily, nobody sees the accident and so Nige promptly tips the body into a building site shaft and sets off in search of his best friend, Deano’s help. The latter immediately takes care of the situation – although getting rid of the corpse for good proves more time-consuming that they thought. The whole operation is more than a test of their friendship because the two guys have recently quarrelled. And then this absurdly nice flat-mate Gav also sticks his oar in. He doesn’t suspect a thing but he could be a dangerous witness. Director-and-screenwriting team, the brothers Robert and Duncan Sarkies, spin this darkly humorous tale with more than a soupcon of merriment and a strong affinity for the grotesque. Their film also movingly portrays a special friendship: deep inside, Nige and Deano are just two little boys who are thick as thieves – and even death cannot part them.

New Zealand 2011, 108 min


Robert Sarkies


Bret McKenzie
Hamish Blake

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