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Bad o Meh

Wind & Fog

Wind und Nebel

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Sahand’s father has found work at an oil field and so the family must leave the fertile north and move to hot and arid southern Iran. But then the Iraq War breaks out, their house is destroyed in an Iraqi bombing raid and the boy’s mother is killed. Now that his wife has been killed and the house in ruins, Sahand’s father decides to return to his home town with Sahand and his twelve-year-old sister, Shooka. He hopes that the quiet beauty of the north of the country will help to heal Sahand’ trauma. Shortly afterwards, Sahand’s father returns to the oil fields in the south.
Shooka begins to look after her brother, just as her mother would have. One day they accompany their grandfather on a fishing trip to a nearby lake. Not far away they notice a white goose that has been shot. Sahand remembers the white dress his mother was wearing when she he embraced him. Grandfather forbids Sahand to bring back the goose to their house but, during the night, the boy slips out to find the goose. He gets lost in the woods and Shooka and her friend set out in search of him. The longer their fruitless search continues the more Shooka begins to worry. But, just as they are about to give up, they see a white goose flying in the distance. Now they know where they can find Sahand.

Iran 2011, 74 min


Mohammad Ali Talebi


Payam Eris
Masume Shakori
Asadolah Asadnia
Arasto Safinejad
Anis Shakorirad