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Die Flucht

The Flight

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Schmith, a doctor at a GDR clinic, develops a therapy which could improve premature babies’ chances of survival. When the head of the clinic turns down his project Schmith decides to continue his work in the Federal Republic and approaches agents to help him escape. But then, his project is approved after all. The medic begins to waver – but the agents press-gang him into leaving the GDR … “What I find remarkably appealing is that the doctor (played by Armin Mueller-Stahl) is portrayed as someone who is as genial as he is capable. (…) There is no moral judgement (…); on the contrary, he displays a keen sense of responsibility”. (Ursula Schaaf, Der Tagesspiegel, 6.11.1977)

Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990) 1976/77, 94 min


Roland Gräf


Armin Mueller-Stahl
Jenny Gröllmann
Erika Pelikowsky