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Culinary Cinema

El camino del vino

The Ways Of Wine

Die Wege des Weins

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The famous sommelier Charlie Arturaola arrives at the Mendoza, Argentina, to take part in the glamorous event “Masters of Food and Wine”, after having “travelled the world on a wine bottle”, as he usually says.

Once in the event and before his tasting, between glamour, stress and marketing something unusual happens: he loses his palate. Charlie needs to recover it. In the search of a solution for his problem, he has decisive encounters with the most important people of the wine world, like Michel Rolland, who thinks that he has to “wash” his palate with the best wines of the region. Charlie starts a journey from huge wineries through small vineyards and wine harvest’s processions getting closer with the people of the villages who work the vine. Realizing the failure of the advice, his journey becomes a return, getting away from that glamorous world where he thinks he belongs. It turns into a new journey towards his essence, his loved ones, his pains and real ghosts. “The ways of the wine” oscillates with cruelty between comedy and the true drama of a man who got lost because of his desire of belonging to a world, other than his own.

Argentina 2010, 95 min


Nicolás Carreras


Charlie Arturaola
Michel Rolland
Andreas Larsson
Pandora Anwyl
Donato de Santis

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