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De Sterkste Man van Nederland

The strongest man in Holland

Der stärkste Mann von Holland

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Luuk Bos is twelve years old. A small, slight boy with bright red hair, for as long as he can remember, Luuk has been convinced that he is the son of the strongest man in the world. The boy has grown up with his single mother Dorien and, when he was younger she would tell him the most wonderful stories about his father: “He could pull an aeroplane all by himself. He could stand in front of a car and lift it above his head in one movement!”
When Luuk, whose striking appearance has earned him the name ‘red dwarf’ moves up to secondary school, he falls head over heels in Minke, who is strong and independent – after all, she is the only one who is prepared to stick up for him in front of all the other kids. But if only he were stronger! How he’d love to be able to flex his own muscles!
One day he comes across a competition to find the town’s strongest man. This is where he meets one of the contestants, René. René once had red hair, just like Luuk. Perhaps this is why the two soon become firm friends. Moreover, René it seems has plenty of good tips for Luuk when it comes to conquering the heart of a girl like Minke. Gradually, Luuk begins to feel convinced that strongman René could in fact be his biological father.
But when his mother hears about this she decides to tell her son the truth …

Netherlands 2010, 80 min


Mark de Cloe


Bas van Prooijen
Suzan Boogaerdt
Loek Peters
Yenthe Dirks
Borre Stokdijk

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