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The Guard

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Gerry Boyle is a policeman working in a little town on the west coast of Ireland. He has a subversive sense of humour, a penchant for prostitutes, and a dying mother. In short, he has a lot on his plate; too much, in fact to worry about the mysterious dead body that has been found in one of the holiday flats. His new assistant Aidan sees things completely different – to him, the crime represents such a huge opportunity that he might go crazy with all the excitement. Their quiet days are over when FBI agent Wendell Everett arrives on the scene and tells them about a narcotics shipment worth 500 million dollars that is due to arrive on their coast within the next few days. Everyone is on tenterhooks, and the situation soon puts and end to Gerry Boyle’s daily routine. Gerry immediately recognises the face on one of the mug shots shown him by Everett as being identical with that of the corpse found in the holiday home. Shortly afterwards, a prostitute attempts to blackmail the stressed out small-town cop. But when the drug dealers try to buy him – a tactic that has apparently worked a treat with all his colleagues in town – upstanding Gerry Boyle realises that the time has come for him to take things in hand. The only one he can trust is, of all people, FBI agent Everett – probably the most difficult partner a small town cop in the West of Ireland could ever imagine.

Ireland / United Kingdom 2010, 96 min


John Michael McDonagh


Brendan Gleeson
Don Cheadle
Mark Strong

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