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Divine Pig

Das göttliche Schwein

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In many parts of the world the pig is considered harmful and impure. But still, the pig is the most-eaten animal in the world. Will Dorus be an exception?

Dorus is a pig living in the back yard of a Dutch butcher. During their walks together through the Netherlands Dorus becomes a local celebrity. Some customers try to discourage the butcher from killing Dorus. Others look forward to tasting its rich meat. As Dorus matures into his second year and reaches the point of slaughter, the butcher faces a difficult choice. Does his love for the pig run deeper than his love of pork?

Divine Pig explores this controversial animal and challenges our cultural assumptions and tastes.

A Palestinian woman married to a Dutchman discusses with her religious mother whether she should forbid her young son to eat pork. A Christian university doctor strictly observes the Jewish food laws, but despite his efforts to prove differently, cannot find evidence that pork is unhealthy. A medical researcher is working on a revolutionary cure for diabetes transplanting pig cells into humans. But for every patient he must kill five pigs.

From every angle, our feelings for the pig and for Dorus’ fate are challenged.

Will Dorus survive the film? By the time we learn of his fate, where do our sympathies lie?

Netherlands 2010, 58 min


Hans Dortmans

World Sales

Pieter van Huystee Film & TV