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Viva Riva!

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Kinshasa is running out of gas. As traffic on the streets of the massive city thins out, an incredible mechanism is set in motion in the underworld, which picks up more and more speed. A band of smugglers from neighboring Angola has stashed some gas but this is only supposed to be sold when the prices have risen even further – and it is clear whose pockets the money will end up in. A wild, crazy struggle for the position of king of the underworld breaks out. And the smart Riva goes and falls for his rival’s extremely attractive girlfriend. He starts playing with fire in the sultry Sai Sai club. The young Congo filmmaker’s debut film is an action-packed thriller that was staged with as little fear as his heroes have when handling their weapons. Sex, greed and money drive the story that is told without a pause for breath, to the rhythm of a city that demands this tempo from all its inhabitants. The elegance with which Munga plays with cinematic conventions is astounding – as a genre film Viva Riva! does more than justice to Kinshasa’s secret reputation as a trendsetting city in all matters of fashion. Such well-dressed gangsters have not been seen in the movies for a long time.

Democratic Republic of the Congo / France / Belgium 2010, 96 min


Djo Tunda Wa Munga


Patsha Bay
Manie Malone
Hoji Fortuna
Marlene Longage
Alex Herabo
Diplôme Amekindra

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