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Jan 13, 2010:
Celebrating Difference – Generation Programme and Opening Films

From melodrama to science fiction and musical – in the 33rd year of its existence, Generation has a broad cinematic range. “There’s not just one experience of childhood or adolescence and there are many ways to make a film about it,” says section director Maryanne Redpath in view of the 56 short and feature films in the Generation programme.

The Generation 14plus competition will open with the off-Bollywood production Road, Movie. In this moving homage to the mobile cinema culture of his homeland, Indian director Dev Benegal pays tribute to the place where screen, light and audience come together in a magical event.

With Alamar, a documentary fiction will kick off the Generation Kplus competition for the first time. Rhythmically, with the water, wind and waves, director Pedro González-Rubio carries us off to a nature reserve in the Mexican Caribbean and intimately documents the relationship between a father and son.

Two Japanese Animes explore spectacular worlds. Animation enterprise Aniplex (TEKKONKINKREET, Generation 2007) is returning to Berlin with Koji Masunari’s intergalactic Uchu Show e Yokoso. And in SUMMER WARS by cult director Marmoru Hosada (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), an extended Japanese family obligates their digital avatars to analogue traditions.

Talent Campus alumna Rusudan Pirveli from Georgia has been invited with her debut feature: Susa is one of the many “All-Ager” films in Generation. With Sukunsa viimeinen, regular Forum guests Anastasia Lapsui and Markku Lehmuskallio have again focused on the Nenets, an indigenous people from the Arctic Circle. How young Neko, in deep loyalty to her people’s traditions, attempts to resist the pressure of Soviet assimilation is sure to touch both young and old.

A total of 28 films are participating in the two short film competitions. Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are) shows with his most recent work I’m Here, that robots are also capable of passionate love. In Generation Kplus, animated and live action shorts are true Arthouse for children, which will lure viewers four years and up into Berlinale cinemas.

Generation is marking the anniversary of the Berlinale with a programme full of contrasts. We want to celebrate this difference,” says Maryanne Redpath. And because Chinese New Year falls during the Berlinale, the world premieres of Alex Law’s Echoes of the Rainbow and Zhang Lu’s Dooman River hold great promise for a festive new year.

The Generation programme comprises 28 feature length films (among them ten world premieres and four international premieres) and 28 short films from 31 countries:

Generation Kplus – feature length films

Alamar by Pedro González-Rubio, Mexico 2009, documentary fiction

Bestevenner (Rafiki) by Christian Lo, Norway 2009 (IP)

Boy by Taika Waititi, New Zealand 2010

Iep! (Eep!) by Ellen Smit, The Netherlands/Belgium 2009 (WP)

Knerten by Åsleik Engmark, Norway 2009 (IP)

La Pivellina by Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel, Austria/Italy 2009

Shui Yuet Sun Tau (Echoes of the Rainbow) by Alex Law, Hong Kong, China 2009 (WP)

Sukunsa viimeinen (Pudana - Last of the Line) by Anastasia Lapsui & Markku Lehmuskallio, Finland 2010 (WP)

Superbror (Superbrother) by Birger Larsen, Denmark 2009 (IP)

Susa by Rusudan Pirveli, Georgia 2010

This Way of Life by Thomas Burstyn, New Zealand/Canada 2009

Uchu Show e Yokoso (Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW) by Koji Masunari, Japan 2009 (WP)

Yeo-haeng-ja (A Brand New Life) by Ounie Lecomte, Republic of Korea/France 2009

Yuki & Nina by Nobuhiro Suwa & Hippolyte Girardot, France/Japan 2009

Generation Kplus – Short Films

Apollo by Felix Gönnert, Germany 2010

Avós (Grandmothers) by Michael Wahrmann, Brazil 2009

Burviga diena (Wonderful Day) by Nils Skapans, Latvia 2010

Derevo Detstva (Childhood Mystery Tree) by Natalia Mirzoyan, Russian Federation 2009

Drona & ik (Drona & me) by Catherine van Campen, The Netherlands 2009

Fløjteløs (Whistleless) by Siri Melchior, Denmark/Great Britain/Sweden 2009

Franswa Sharl by Hannah Hilliard, Australia 2009

I-Do-Air by Martina Amati, Great Britain 2009

Indigo by Jack Price, Great Britain 2009

Jacco’s Film by Daan Bakker, The Netherlands 2009

Kozya Hatka (Goat’s House) by Marina Karpova, Russian Federation 2009

Masala Mama by Michael Kam, Singapore 2009

Munaralli (The Egg Race) by Kaisa Penttilä, Finland 2009

Sinna Mann (Angry Man) by Anita Killi, Norway 2009

Sol skin (Sun shine) by Alice de Champfleury, Denmark 2009

The Six Dollar Fifty Man by Mark Albiston & Louis Sutherland, New Zealand 2009

Generation 14plus – feature length films

Bran Nue Dae by Rachel Perkins, Australia 2009

Dooman River by Zhang Lu, Republic of Korea/France 2009 (WP)

Gentlemen Broncos by Jared Hess, USA 2009

Joy by Mijke de Jong, The Netherlands 2010 (WP)

Les Nuits de Sister Welsh (Sister Welsh’s Nights) by Jean-Claude Janer, France 2009 (WP)

Neukölln Unlimited by Agostino Imondi & Dietmar Ratsch, Germany 2009 (WP)

Os famosos e os duendes da morte (The Famous And The Dead) by Esmir Filho, Brazil/France 2009

Retratos en un mar de mentiras (Portraits In A Sea Of Lies) by Carlos Gaviria, Colombia 2009 (WP)

Road, Movie by Dev Benegal, India/USA 2009

Sebbe by Babak Najafi, Sweden 2010 (IP)

SUMMER WARS by Mamoru Hosoda, Japan 2009

Te extraño (I Miss You) by Fabián Hofman, Mexico/Argentina 2010 (WP)

Vihir (The Well) by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni, India 2009

Youth in Revolt by Miguel Arteta, USA 2009

Generation 14plus – Short Films

Älä kuiskaa ystävän suuhun (Whispering in a Friend’s Mouth) by Hannaleena Hauru, Finland 2009

Az Bad Beporsid (Ask The Wind) by Batin Ghobadi, Iran 2009

Corduroy by Hugh O’Conor, Ireland 2009

I’m Here by Spike Jonze, USA 2010

Juzipi de wendu (The Warmth Of Orange Peel) by Huang Ji, People’s Republic of China 2009

Megaheavy by Fenar Ahmad, Denmark 2009

Mi otra mitad (My Other Half) by Beatriz M. Sanchís, Spain 2009

Ønskebørn (Out of Love) by Brigitte Stærmose, Denmark 2009, documentary fiction

Poi Dogs by Joel Moffett, USA 2009

Redemption by Katie Wolfe, New Zealand 2010

Siemiany by Philip James McGoldrick, Belgium 2009

Zero by Leo Woodhead, New Zealand 2010

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January 13, 2010