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Auf der anderen Seite

The Edge of Heaven

An ensemble film that tells the story of several people from Germany and Turkey who do not know each other but whose paths cross fatefully. One of them is Susanne Staub, whose daughter Charlotte has fallen in love with the young Turkish activitst Ayten Öztürk. When the young activist is deported back to Turkey from Germany, Charlotte follows her, but is killed. Susanne also decides to go to Istanbul, where she finds support from Nejat Aksu, a German language and literature professor of Turkish descent. For his part, Nejat is hoping to find the missing Ayten – but he has no idea of the relationship between any of the stakeholders.

Germany / Turkey / Italy 2006/07, 120 min


Fatih Akin


Hanna Schygulla
Nurgül Yesilcay
Baki Davrak