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Storia di Piera

The Story of Piera

Die Geschichte der Piera

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Hanna Schygulla plays a nymphomaniac and neurotic mother who still feels young. She destroys her family by plunging headlong into countless affairs and ends up in a psychiatric clinic. Her husband loses first his mind, then his life. Their daughter Piera is a precocious Lolita who is incapable of finding emotional fulfilment until she is well into adulthood and has embarked on a career as a stage actor. Hanna Schygulla received the Award for Best Female Actor at the Cannes film festival for her performance.

Italy / France / Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) 1982/83, 105 min


Marco Ferreri


Hanna Schygulla
Isabelle Huppert
Marcello Mastroianni