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Anton is ten years old and has an older brother. Buller, however, is not the kind of older brother Anton would have wanted. He’s neither cleverer, nor is he stronger than Anton. Buller’s just bigger than he is – and a bit more helpless. Buller is autistic and that’s just so embarrassing!
Buller attends a special school, and this is one reason why he can’t defend Anton whenever the older boys from higher classes decide to give him a hard time. But even if Buller were around he wouldn’t be much help because he always gets so nervous and jittery. Moreover, any number of therapies to which his and Anton’s desperate, overstretched single mother has schlepped Buller haven’t seemed to change a thing.
No, Buller certainly isn’t the role model Anton longs for in this fatherless household! To cap it all, Buller doesn’t even appear to live in the same world. The only thing in which he seems to show any interest is outer space. But Buller’s fascination turns out to be to Anton’s advantage one day when a strange remote control suddenly ‘lands’ before him, clearly having fallen out of orbit, as they are walking in the park. With the aid of this remote control gadget, Anton succeeds in ‘programming’ his brother to be the way he’d love him to be: strong, courageous and self-confident. But then, Anton comes up against a new problem when he begins to lose control of his ‘superbrother’ …

Denmark 2009, 89 min


Birger Larsen


Lucas Odin Clorius
Victor Kruse Palshøj
Anette Støvelbæk
Andrea Reimar
Nicolai Borch Kelstrup
Frank Thiel

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