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Jan 12, 2009:
Berlinale Shorts: 28 Wilful, Disturbing and/or Mollifying Ways to Regard the World

A top-notch international jury - with actress Arta Dobroshi from Kosovo, director of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen Lars Henrik Gass, and Philippine director Khavn de la Cruz - will pick the award winners in this year’s short film section. The Berlinale Shorts will screen 28 films from 17 countries, eleven of which will be running in the Competition, and vying for the Golden and Silver Bears for Best Short Film. The entire programme automatically qualifies for the DAAD Short Film Prize and receives a nomination for Best European Short Film. The awards will take place in CinemaxX3 on February 10.

Germany is making a strong showing this year with five formally complex films. In Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller’s new film contre-jour, “the way we regard the world and how it regards us in return breaks into disturbing fragments” (K. Tieke). Humorous in the telling, but formally more reticent is Lola Randl’s Die Leiden des Herrn Karpf. Der Geburtstag – a short film about the loneliness and estrangement of the urban individual. Three wilful productions underscore the specialness of Belgium’s narrative culture. And then there’s the East, which is not a country, but a direction. This trend is illustrated by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy’s Diagnoz from the Ukraine and Alexander Karavayev’s Devyat proloyotov vmeste from the Russian Federation, which depict the current political and economic situation in very different ways, as well as Jan Andersen’s vostok’ from France, whose title is already programmatic.

David OReilly, who won Special Mention in last year’s Short Film Competition, is back with his new digital animation Please Say Something, a film about a relationship of another kind. In Birth, Signe Baumane shows how being pregnant can feel. The Indonesian film Trip to the Wound by Edwin, who is a member of this year’s Forum NETPAC jury, will be shown in a special screening. The film is an artistic and political statement on the freedom of art in times of radical censorship.

The Berlinale Shorts is pleased to announce that the winner of the Prix UIP at the 2008 Berlinale, Darren Thorton’s Frankie (Ireland), won Best European Short Film at the European Film Awards in Copenhagen in December 2008.

The Berlinale Shorts jury:

Khavn De La Cruz (Philippines)

With more than 70 short films and features, this director is one of his country’s most important underground digital filmmakers. De La Cruz, who participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus 2005, is also a writer and musician, as well as director of the Philippine MOV International Digital Film Festival. With his production company Filmless Films, he has made many works, including Mondomanila: Institute of Poets, a surreal cinematic reflection on Philippine society.

Arta Dobroshi (Kosovo)

With her role in the screen drama Lorna’s Silence (winner of Best Screenplay at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival), this young actress achieved her international breakthrough and a nomination for the 2008 European Film Awards. Born in Pristina, Arta Dobroshi has played many stage roles in her country, as well as a leading role in the prize-winning German-Albanian production Magic Eye (2005), a film about the situation in Albania in 1997, when it was rocked by unrest.

Dr. Lars Henrik Gass (Germany)

Lars Henrik Gass studied literature and theatre. Since 1997, he has been director of the renowned International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Until 2007, he was also a member of the German Short Film Award jury. He has written many essays on photography and film, and teaches at a number of universities and academies. In 2001, Gass published his book “Das ortlose Kino. Über Marguerite Duras”.

The 2009 Berlinale Shorts programme:

I / 83 min

Bric-Brac, Gabriel Achim, Romania, 17 min

VU, Leila Albayaty, Belgium, 26 min (Competition)

Princess Margaret Blvd., Kazik Radwanski, Canada, 14 min

Kain, Kristof Hoornaert, Belgium, 16 min (Competition)

Please Say Something, David OReilly, Ireland, 10 min (Competition)

II / 80min

The Illusion, Susana Barriga, Cuba, 24 min (Competition)

A Mango Tree tn the Front Yard, Raveendran Pradeepan, France, 11 min (Competition)

BaDerech Hachutza, Elad Pankovski, Israel, 18 min

Dish, Brian Harris Krinsky, USA, 15 min

Birth, Signe Baumane, Italy/USA, 12 min (Competition)

III / 78 min

26.4, Nathalie André, Belgium, 15 min

Renovare, Paul Negoescu, Germany/Romania, 25 min

Diagnoz, Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, Ukraine, 15 min (Competition)

contre-jour, Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, Germany,11 min (Competition)

Trip to the Wound, Edwin, Indonesia, 7 min (special screening)

The Island, Trevor Anderson, Canada, 5 min

IV / 86 min

Jade, Daniel Elliott, Great Britain, 16 min (Competition)

Karai norte, Marcelo Martinessi, Paraguay, 19 min

Pure, Jacob Bricca, USA, 5 min

Devyat prolyotov vmeste, Alexander Karavayev, Russ. Fed., 20 min (Competition)

Musafir, Bagus Wirati Purba Negara, Indonesia, 16 min

Die Leiden des Herrn Karpf. Der Geburtstag, Lola Randl, Germany, 10 min

V / 89 min

Buenas Intenciones, Ivan Lomelí, Mexico, 18 min

Laitue, Nicholas Brooks, UK, 9 min

Havet, Jöns Jönsson, Germany, 23 min (Competition)

der Prinz, Petra Schröder, Germany, 15 min

vostok’, Jan Andersen, France, 19 min

Mama L'Chaim!, Elkan Spiller, USA, 5 min

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January 12, 2009