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After Winter Comes Spring

Jadup und Boel

Jadup and Boel


For many years now, comrade Jadup has been the respectable mayor of Wickenhausen, a small town in the Altmark region of East Germany. When the opening of a new supermarket coincides with the collapse of a nearby building, secrets long thought buried are brought to light. A notebook which Jadup had given to his girlfriend Boel just after the war is found in the ruins of the building. Rereading it, it isn’t just youthful longings that Jadup is confronted with - the long-repressed memory of Boel’s rape and the fact that the perpetrator was never found also return to haunt him. At that time, he was never fully able to take Boel’s side, who left town soon afterwards and was never seen again. Mayor Jadup now remembers his own failure. His unresolved past also leads him to question what’s happening in the present. Seeing himself and his own doubts in his son, the two generations begin cautiously to approach each other.

Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990) 1981/1988, 103 min


Rainer Simon


Kurt Böwe
Katrin Knappe
Christian Grashof