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Die Stimme des Adlers

The Eagle Hunter's Son

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Nothing exerts as much fascination for Bazarbai, a bright 13-year-old nomad from western Mongolia and son of a Kazakh eagle hunter, as the modern temptations of the city and the big, wide world. His father is determined to one day make Bazarbai a great eagle hunter – even if he is not yet mature enough for this task. When his father sends Bazarbai’s brother Khan to work in Ulan Bator to help support the family, Bazarbai is devastated and feels betrayed by his brother. Nothing, it seems, can cheer up Bazarbai, not even the big eagle festival to which his father takes him. At the festival, Bazarbai is given the opportunity to present his father’s eagle, but, when a photographer persuades him to show off the bird’s abilities, the eagle is startled by the flashlight and takes flight. Terrified that he may have lost forever the eagle that means everything to his father, Bazarbai sets off on a quest to retrieve the bird. During his adventure he is obliged to come to the realisation that not everyone is well-disposed to him or his bird of prey.
THE EAGLE HUNTER’S SON tells the adventurous story of a boy who, accompanied by his faithful bird, learns that you don’t have to turn your back on tradition to be happy but that customs, respect for nature, friendship and loyalty are closely bound up with each other.

Germany / Sweden 2009, 97 min


René Bo Hansen


Bazarbai Matyei
Serikbai Khulan
Matei Mardan
Asilbek Badelkhan

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