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C'est pas moi, je le jure!

It's Not Me, I Swear!

Ich schwör's, ich war's nicht!

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Leon almost hanged himself during the summer of 1968. He was saved by his mother at the last moment. The same thing happened last summer at the pool, and again two years ago in the chest freezer. She was always there at the right moment. Not only does ten-year-old Leon have a lot of problems – he also has a vivid imagination. And, with parents like his who are always arguing, as well as his annoying neighbours, he needs it. Then there’s Lea. She infuriates him most of all, not least because she insists on being right about absolutely everything.
One day Leon’s mother decides to turn her back on her small family, her house and garden and start a new life in Greece. Leon has a string of great ideas to help him deal with his heartache, such as destroying his neighbour’s house, or becoming a professional liar, or even – falling in love with Lea. Director Philippe Falardeau: “The humour appealed to me. And the worldview of a hypersensitive child who describes his own psychic disintegration. I saw a child character who took action instead of putting up with things. Unlike child martyrs, Leon creates his own misfortune. He takes responsibility for it. (…) Leon’s story is a candid look at childhood told through an adult’s cultural references.”

Canada 2008, 110 min


Philippe Falardeau


Antoine L'Écuyer
Catherine Faucher
Daniel Brière
Gabriel Maillé
Suzanne Clément

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