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The tragedy of the gypsy Carmen, who, having made the soldier Don José dote on her, is stabbed by him when she decides to leave him for the bullfighter Escamillo. “The lyricism of this extremely emotional opera is transported into a production of beautifully saturated images. It works because Rosi presents Carmen consistently as a natural myth and fills his film with meta­phors from nature, as in THREE BROTHERS (…). This metaphorical level and the extraordinarily well-sung original score make CARMEN anything but a rehash; rather, it combines music and landscape in a cinematic and operatic experience that is well worth seeing.” (Hans Gerold, Film-Dienst, 28.12.1984)

Italy / France 1984, 152 min


Francesco Rosi


Placido Domingo
Julia Migenes Johnson
Ruggero Raimondi