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Un chien andalou



“There is a brilliant scene in CHIEN ANDALOU: a close up of the palm of a hand containing a pile of ants suddenly becomes a coral on a sand dune by the sea and, at the same time, turns into the underarm of a reclining woman – without the contours of the image changing at all, rather, the transformation takes place through the compelling logic of the association of different forms. The scene is convincingly cinematic, as convincingly illogical as that sounds; and this is perhaps the fundamental key to the endeavours of the French film revolution: it searches for, and emphasises, purely ‘cinematic’ effects (…).” – Arthur Koestler, Vossische Zeitung, 24.11.1929

France 1929, 21 min


Luis Buñuel


Pierre Batcheff
Simone Mareuil
Salvador Dalí