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Lady Jane

Jean-Pierre Darroussin (Actor)

Gérard Meylan (Actor)

Ariane Ascaride (Actress)

Robert Guédiguian (Director)

Robert Fischer (Moderator)

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Back then, when the Rolling Stones sang “Lady Jane”, Muriel, François and René were busy distributing stolen fur coats among ‘the people’. Or, to be exact, to the inhabitants of a working class district in Marseille where the three friends lived and shared their childhood. Later on, they put a stop to their raids: having killed a jeweller in a parking lot during a robbery, they decided not to meet any more in order to let the dust settle and – as far as possible – forget the whole terrible affair.
They keep to this arrangement – until one day Muriel’s son is kidnapped. The trio reunite. Somehow, there has to be a way of finding the ransom money …
LADY JANE is a detective film in the tradition of great French cinematic thrillers. Robert Guédiguian: “Unlike some of my colleagues, I don’t have a whole wall at home jam-packed with crime novels; I’m not like Truffaut for whom reading crime novels was de rigeur in order to find subjects for his films. I might read them on the train or on journeys, but that’s it. But I do adore American film noir cinema, as well as the French detective films of the 1960s with good old Jean Gabin – the kind of films in which the thief tosses his crony a pair of pyjamas when he spends the night at his place, after having enjoyed some bread and rillette and indulged in a nice glass of red wine.”

France 2007, 104 min


Robert Guédiguian


Ariane Ascaride
Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Gérard Meylan
Pascale Roberts
Jacques Boudet
Christine Brücher
Fréderique Bonnal

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