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Press Releases 2007


Jan 24, 2007:
Cinema Beyond its Boundaries: For the second time, Forum expanded presents video art, experimental and underground films

The area where film and art intersect finds its place at the Berlinale once again. Called into being by the Forum of the Berlinale in 2006, Forum expanded serves the critical commentary and expansion of cinematography. In 2007, Forum expanded presents films, videos, and installations in the cinema Arsenal and Black Box, in the Atrium of the Filmhaus, in Büro Friedrich, in Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, and in the Marshall McLuhan Salon of the Canadian Embassy. The various exhibition and presentation venues sketch a cartography of the artistic and simultaneously cinematic productivity that has shaped this city.

The heart of Forum expanded this year is the “Gossip Studio” in the Atrium of the Filmhaus, an underground parlor for the creation and circulation of gossip with its cocktail bar and beauty moments – designed and presented by the artists group CHEAP (Marc Siegel, Susanne Sachße, Daniel Hendrickson, and Tim Blue) with drag artist Vaginal Davis from Los Angeles.

This year's Forum expanded exhibition will be presented at Büro Friedrich. “Interior Expansion” comprises new works by well-known artists along with debut works by new faces who take cinema as a starting point. The themes are expansions of the self and of one’s own expression, fantasy worlds and the possibilities of recording them. On display are works by Isabell Spengler, Karoe Goldt, Christoph Girardet, Andrea Cooper, Jorge Lorenzo, Keren Cytter and – well known to Forum audiences – Michael Snow.

Issues of self-staging are also addressed in Deirdre Logue’s video installation Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes, which she is presenting in the Marshall McLuhan Salon of the Canadian Embassy.

“Beyond Cinema – The Art of Projection” is currently on exhibition in Hamburger Bahnhof. In relation to it, Forum expanded projects video works that engage with music: the installation Interzone by Anne Quirynen with music by Enno Poppe, which was initiated by and conceived for the Berliner Festspiele as an opera, and Michael Snow’s music video Reverberlin, whose sound recordings stem from a concert by his group CCMC in the KW – Institute for Contemporary Art in 2002.

“Politics of Joy” and “Laborsituationen” are the titles of two programmes with shorter experimental films and videos. The focus is on micro- and macrocosms and on the viewers in the movie theater. The relationship between cinema and performativity is the theme of the videos by Babette Mangolte (with Marina Abramovic) and Constanze Ruhm.

The programme curated by Marc Siegel, “Underground / Übersee”, which has been running in the cinema Arsenal since the beginning of January, traces connections in the 1960s between the “Zanzibar” group in Paris and the milieu of Warhol’s “Factory” in New York and the works of the artist Jack Smith. In the framework of Forum expanded, Jerry Tartaglia, the restorer of Jack Smith’s films, presents unknown Super-8 and 16mm material. Callie Angell, curator of the “Andy Warhol Film Project” at the Whitney Museum, presents two films by Andy Warhol from the year 1966. Together with Esther B. Robinson, whose Forum film A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory follows the traces of her vanished uncle, the cameraman and Warhol-lover Danny Williams. Angell also stages a world premiere of Williams´ recently discovered films from 1964-65.

Also being shown are Philippe Garrel’s film Le lit de la vièrge (France 1969, music by Nico) and Jackie Raynal’s Deux fois (France 1968) which is one of the most important feminist underground films. She recently worked with the young artist Marie Losier, whose films will be shown in the “Rooftop Garden” in the foyer of the cinema Arsenal together with videos by Vaginal Davis and Shannon Plumb.

On view in the “Gossip Studio” will be Birgit Hein’s video Kriegsbilder as well as two new series of the soap opera Le Ping Pong d’amour by the team Ping Pong. In the Red Foyer, an exhibition will be shown including works by the New York star photographer Sam Siegel, Marc Siegel’s grandfather. Two installations by Daniel Eisenberg and Michael Brynntrup remind us that gossip and voyeurism have always been part of cinema.

Two podium discussions supplement the programme:

“Underground / Übersee” with Callie Angell, Birgit Hein, Marie Losier, Jackie Raynal, and Esther B. Robinson, hosted by “Underground / Übersee” curator Marc Siegel.

“Expanding Film Festivals” with Roger M. Buergel (Documenta 12), Noah Cowan (Toronto International Film Festival), Peter van Hoof (International Filmfestival Rotterdam), Alexander Horwath (Documenta 12 / Österreichisches Filmmuseum), and Gabriele Knapstein (Hamburger Bahnhof), hosted by Forum expanded curators Anselm Franke (Extra City, Antwerp) and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek / Forum, Berlin).

Film programmes in the Arsenal cinema:

“Politics of Joy”

The Politics of Joy by Tim Blue, Germany 2006

View of the Falls from the Canadian Side by John Price, Canada 2006

Seascape #1 Night, China Shenzen 05 by Olivo Barbieri, Italy 2006

Mexico Test 1 by Tim Blue, Germany 2007

Elle by Cynthia Madansky, USA 2007

Ghostyard Supernova by Tim Blue, Germany 2007

Let There Be Whistleblowers by Ken Jacobs, USA 2005


Soul Research Laboratory: Search and Rescue by Karoe Goldt, Germany/Austria/New Zealand 2006

Sevilla → (∞) 06 by Olivo Barbieri, Italy 2006

National Holiday by Tim Blue, Germany 2007

gun / play by John Price, Canada 2005

Spring and Stalin by Robert Aliaj Dragot, Albania 2006

Lupinen löschen by Sabine Schöbel, Germany 2007

Negai wo hiku (Drawing Wishes) by Aki Nakazawa, Japan/Germany 2006

Soul Research Laboratory: Search and Hide by Karoe Goldt, Germany/Austria 2006

Coffee by Ayşe Erkmen, Turkey 2007

Films by Andy Warhol:

Ari and Mario, USA 1966

The Closet, USA 1966

Films by Danny Williams:

Factory, October 14-25, 1965, USA 1965

Harold Stevenson Nr.1 and Nr. 2, USA 1965

Trips and Parties, USA 1965

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January 24, 2007