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Jan 12, 2007:
Generation presents 30th Anniversary Programme

The programme for the children and young people’s film section, Generation, has been finalised. The selection comprises 25 feature films, including three world premieres and ten international premieres from 22 countries In addition, 21 short films from 13 countries.

The competition, Generation Kplus (previously, Kinderfilmfest) will open on Friday, February 9, 2007 with the international premiere of The Last Mimzy. Director of the fantasy adventure is the American Robert Shaye, founder of New Line Cinema and, amongst other things, producer of the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Together with child actors, Rhiannon Leigh Wryn and Chris O’Neil, he will be joined at the Zoo Palast cinema by Timothy Hutton who plays the father in the film and can also be seen in the Competition section in Robert de Niro’s The Good Shepherd.

Altogether, the anniversary programme spans a broad range of both subject matter and cinematic techniques. For instance, the Hungarian director, Csaba Bollók, impressively leads the audience, in Iszka Utazása (Iska’s Journey), on a journey into the harsh reality of life for children on the streets.

The youth film competition, Generation 14plus also opens on February 9, 2007 with the Brazilian hip-hop drama, Antônia. Director Tata Amaral, whose international career began at the Berlinale in the Forum section 10 years ago - with the feature film Um céu de estrellas (A Starry Sky) - will travel to Berlin with her leading actresses.

A further highlight of the 14plus programme is the international premiere of Tarsem Singh’s The Fall from the USA and India. The visually overwhelming adventure spectacle is an odyssey in fantasy and reality and was shot in primarily original locations in 23 countries.

Berlinale School-Project

The school- project organised by the Berlinale is set to continue: in addition to sending publicity to all schools in and around Berlin, 45 carefully selected teachers will be supervised by two media education experts in the run up to the festival. This will give them the opportunity to prepare themselves professionally for the integration of the films in their lessons. “The promotion of media competency in children and young people has always been important to the Berlinale” said Festival Director Dieter Kosslick, “We are looking forward to further developing our concepts together with VISION KINO.”

To mark the section’s 30th anniversary, a DVD entitled "Berlinale Generation" will be released in autumn by “absolut Medien” and “Matthias Film”. Generation Director, Thomas Hailer hails this cooperation with media businesses, “In this way the most successful films of the past years will be retained for our continually growing audience and that is a special birthday present.”

Generation Kplus feature films

  • Blöde Mütze! (Silly’s Sweet Summer) by Johannes Schmid, Germany 2007
  • Dek Hor (Dorm) by Songyos Sugmakanan, Thailand 2006
  • Förortsungar (Kidz in da Hood) by Ylva Gustavsson and Catti Edfeldt, Sweden 2006
  • Ice Keh-ki (Ice Bar) by Yeo In-gwang, Republic of Korea 2006
  • Iszka Utazása (Iska’s Journey) by Csaba Bollók, Hungary 2007
  • Je m’appelle Elisabeth (Call Me Elisabeth) by Jean-Pierre Améris, France 2006
  • Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek (Crusade in Jeans) by Ben Sombogaart, The Netherlands/Germany /Luxembourg/Belgium 2006
  • The Last Mimzy by Robert Shaye, USA 2006
  • Leiutajateküla Lotte (Lotte from Gadgetville) by Heiki Ernits and Janno Põldma, Estonia/Latvia 2006
  • Mukhsin by Yasmin Ahmad, Malaysia 2006
  • Razzle Dazzle by Darren Ashton, Australia 2006
  • Sipur Hatzi Russi (Love & Dance) by Eitan Anner, Israel 2006
  • Trigger by Gunnar Vikene, Norway/Sweden/Denmark 2006
  • U by Grégoire Solotareff & Serge Elissalde, France 2006

Generation Kplus short films

  • Bennys Gym (Benny’s Gym) by Lisa Marie Gamlen, Norway 2007
  • Blodsøstre (Blood Sisters) by Louise N.D. Friedberg, Denmark 2006
  • Camping by Dana Blankstein, Israel 2006
  • Drengen i kufferten (Having a Brother) by Esben Toft Jacobsen, Denmark 2006
  • Grün (Green) by Kyne Uhlig & Nikolaus Hillebrand, Germany 2006
  • Hawaikii by Mike Jonathan, New Zealand 2006
  • Itmanna (Make A Wish) by Cherien Dabis, USA 2006
  • Kibera Kid by Nathan Collett, Kenya 2006
  • Land gewinnen (Gaining Ground) by Marc Brummund, Germany 2006
  • Menged by Daniel Taye Workou, Ethiopia/Germany 2006
  • More, strýcku, proc je slané? (The sea, uncle, why is it salty?) by Jan Balej, Czech Republic 2006
  • När Elvis Kom På Besök (When Elvis Came To Visit) by Andreas Tibblin, Sweden 2006
  • Pigen i kikkerten (The Girl through the Telescope) by Niels Bisbo, Denmark 2006
  • Pilgiftsgrodorna (Poison Arrow Frogs) by Johan Hagelbäck, Sweden 2007
  • Playground by Eve Spence, Australia 2006
  • Snakebite by Matt Pinder, Great Britain 2006
  • Tommy the Kid by Stuart Clegg, Australia 2006
  • Tri sestry a jeden prsten (Three Sisters and One Ring) by Vlasta Pospíšilová, Czech Republic 2006
  • Ville och Vilda Kanin (Willy and Wild Rabbit) by Lennart & Ylva-Li Gustafsson, Sweden 2006
  • Yasin by Betty Lee Kim, USA 2006
  • Zhiharka (Zhiharka and the Fox) by Oleg Uzhinov, Russian Federation 2006

Generation 14plus

  • Adama Meshuga'at (Sweet Mud) by Dror Shaul, Israel/Germany/France/Japan 2006
  • Antônia (Antonia) by Tata Amaral, Brazil 2006
  • Cum mi-am petrecut sfârsitul lumii (The Way I Spent the End of the World) by Catalin Mitulescu, Romania/France 2006
  • Cheonhajangsa Madonna (Like a Virgin) by Lee Hae-young and Lee Hae-jun, Republic of Korea 2006
  • Eagle vs. Shark by Taika Waititi, New Zealand 2006
  • The Fall by Tarsem Singh, USA/India 2006
  • Man in the Chair by Michael Schroeder, USA 2006
  • TEKKONKINKREET by Michael Arias, Japan 2006
  • This is England by Shane Meadows, Great Britain 2006
  • Vanaja by Rajnesh Domalpalli, India/USA 2006
  • West by Daniel Krige, Australia 2006

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January 12, 2007