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World Cinema Fund

Aug 28, 2006:
World Cinema Fund: Two Films in Venice

With Roma Rather Than You by Teguia Tariq and Suely in the Sky by Karim Ainouz, two WCF-financed projects will be presented at this year’s Venice Film Festival (Aug. 30- Sept. 9, 2006). Both films received production funds in the first round of the World Cinema Fund (WCF), founded in 2004. Their selection for the Venice Film Festival’s “Orizzonti” programme underscores the significance of the WCF’s work.

Roma Rather Than You (previously known as: Barca) by Algerian director Teguia Tariq is an Algerian-French-German co-production. Brazil, France and Germany co-produced Suely in the Sky (previously known as: Raffle Me) by Brazilian director Karim Ainouz.

Since its founding, a total of 447 projects from 52 countries in regions which are the focus of the WCF (Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Central Asia) have been submitted. So far, 25 films have received financial support from the WCF for their production or distribution. Six films completed to date have been received with acclaim at international film festivals, some of them have also won awards. Now, by participating in this year’s Venice Film Festival, Roma Rather Than You and Suely in the Sky join these other completed projects to continue the WCF’s success story.

The World Cinema Fund is an initiative of the German Federal Culture Foundation and the Berlin International Film Festival, in cooperation with the Goethe Institut.

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August 28, 2006