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Competition (out of competition)

The Walker

Deepak Nayar (Producer

Moritz Bleibtreu (Actor)

Lauren Bacall (Actress)

Paul Schrader (Director)

Moderator: Daniela Sannwald

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Carter Page III has an unsual job. He accompanies Washington DC's wellheeled ladies to the opera. These ladies' husbands have no desire to bother themselves with such high culture, which means that Carter Page III has a steady stream of work. On Wednesdays he meets his mature clients Lynn, Abby and Natalie and his young friend Emek for a game of canasta. One day, Lynn, who is married to a Liberal senator, discovers her lover, murdered. She turns to Carter for help. In order to protect Lynn, Carter claims that he found the corpse. His friendly gesture brings down an avalanche, for now arch-conservative state attorney Mungo Tenant is on the case and promptly pins the murder on to Lynn and Carter. All of a sudden, Carter, who is himself the son of an influential politician, finds himself embroiled in a web of intrigue, allegations and rumour from which there is no escape. The man who has always dubbed himself the black sheep of the family and sees himself as rather superficial now finds himself obliged to take on the good fight - more so when his friends begin to turn their backs on him. Carter and Emek have to make use of all their contacts in order to find out who is behind the campaign. In the end, Carter finds a way to solve his predicament, but the price is just too high.

USA / United Kingdom 2007, 107 min


Paul Schrader


Woody Harrelson
Kristin Scott Thomas
Lauren Bacall
Moritz Bleibtreu
Lily Tomlin
Willem Dafoe

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