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Berlinale Special

Dnevnoy dozor

Day Watch

Wächter des Tages

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Present day Moscow. On the staircase of an ordinary house, a young woman is murdered in cold blood. However, there are no traces of violence left on the body.
It soon becomes clear that the dead woman was a Dark Other and a member of the Day Watch, the secret organisation headed by a powerful dark sorcerer named Zavulon. The fragile truce between light and darkness, which has been guarded for centuries, has been broken - and the Light Others are the prime suspects.
Lord Geser, Commander of the Night Watch, urgently re-unites his troops: a murder charge is a serious matter and its consequences could lead to an open battle between the forces of light and darkness. The Night Watch has to react. But first of all, Geser has to find out where each of the Light Others was at the time of the crime. It turns out that only Anton Gorodetsky has no alibi for the time in question ...
In this second part of the Russian fantasy blockbuster trilogy that began with the "Berlinale Special" screening of NIGHT WATCH in 2005, the epic battle between light and darkness continues. But this time, the balance of power could shift to the dark side.

Russian Federation 2005, 132 min


Timur Bekmambetov


Konstantin Khabensky
Mariya Poroshina
Vladimir Menshov
Galina Tyunina
Viktor Verzhbitsky
Zhana Friske
Dmitry Martynov
Valeri Zolotukhin
Aleksei Chadov

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