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I Was A Swiss Banker

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Once upon a time, there was a Swiss banker in a black Porsche who was on his way to the next financial transaction. As if struck by lightning, he decides to turn his young, dynamic existence on its back and dives underwater with a bag full of bank notes ?
Witches in helicopters, singing mermaids, suspicious raven eyes - Thomas Imbach's new feature film is a loony underwater fairy tale. Whenever his hero comes up from out of the Swiss Sea, he has to endure new tests. Like in Imbach's contemporary adaptation of "Lenz" about a director in crisis, the landscape is here also more than just a backdrop. The snowcovered and overcast mountains familiar from that winter tale have been altered in I Was a Swiss Banker into inviting lake waters. A gentle breeze stirs the leaves, and meadows in bloom convey summer lightness. But, like in all fairy tales, everything is determined here by the all-or-nothing principle. As such, it's about nothing less than the search for true love, for the partner to the classic ending: "and they lived happily ever after."
Anke Leweke

Switzerland 2007, 75 min


Thomas Imbach


Beat Marti
Laura Drasbaek
Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis
Sandra Medina
Helena af Sandeberg
Mellika Melani
Angelica Biert
Lale Yavas

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