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I can remember clearly the day I left home for the first time. I had just turned twelve and was in year 7 at school. Suddenly, I had to change schools in the middle of term. The reason was that I had to leave home - or, to be more precise, I had to leave my father. I'm sure you'll think it strange, but I wasn't surprised in the least, because only I know his secret.
Having to change schools in the middle of the year is the pits. I had to get to know a whole new class of pupils, and a whole new dormitory, which was nothing like home. The worst thing was the new bed I had to sleep in. Who knows how many other people had slept there before me?
I'm so lonely. I don't really have any friends - except just one. We love stealing away to the playground behind the school. Years ago, there was a rumour that this used to be a swimming pool where children went bathing at weekends. But it was closed. They say because a child had drowned. Do you believe this story? Well, I know a secret and, if you promise to keep it to yourself, I'll tell you what it is. Songyos Sugmakanan

Thailand 2006, 106 min


Songyos Sugmakanan


Jintara Sukaphatra
Charlie Trairut
Sirachuch Chienthaworn

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