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Cum mi-am petrecut sfârsitul lumii

The Way I Spent the End of the World

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Bucharest in 1989. It is the final year of the 'great conducator' Nicolae Ceausescu's dictatorship. But naturally, this is all unbeknown to 17-year-old Eva and her little brother Lalalilu. In public and at all the country's schools the Ceausescu personality cult is still as unbroken as it ever was. For this reason, Eva is in deep trouble one day when she and her friend Alex accidentally cause some serious damage to a bust of the dictator. Disciplinary action is taken against both of them and they are ordered to appear at a special hearing.
Alex is fortunate: his father is a party functionary and is able to protect his son. Eva, however, is expelled from school and sent to a reform institution. This is where she meets Andrei, the son of a political dissident. The two young people who have been branded as criminals decide to escape from Romania together. And sure enough, they manage to head off towards the Danube ...
Seven-year-old Lalalilu misses his sister a great deal. He becomes increasingly convinced that the 'great leader' is personally responsible for Eva's arrest. Determined to call to account the absolute ruler, he and his class-mates hatch a plot to murder the hated dictator. When Ceausescu is finally toppled, Lalalilu is convinced that he had a part in his downfall.

Romania / France 2006, 106 min


Catalin Mitulescu


Dorotheea Petre
Timotei Duma
Marius Stan
Marian Stoica

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