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Stefanie Schneider (Senior Visual Artist)
Kevin Haug (Visual effect supervisor)
Eric Kopeloff (Producer)
Ewan McGregor (Actor)
Marc Forster (Director)
Host: Anatol Weber

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New York-based psychiatrist and therapist Sam takes on a fascinating new case: an accident on Brooklyn Bridge has left art student Henry Lethem suffering from amnesia. Moreover, this sensitive and ambitious young man has taken to making bizarre predictions that, gradually and inexplicably, are beginning to come to pass.
One day, Henry tells his therapist that he intends to end his life on the dot of midnight on his 21st birthday – in three days’ time. Determined to prevent Henry from going through with his plan, Sam starts making some inquiries among Henry’s acquaintances and comes across the name of an artist named Tristan Réveur, whom Henry appears to idolize. Sam’s girlfriend Lila, who Sam once prevented from committing suicide, is familiar with the artist’s personal history. As an 18-year-old, Réveur once announced his intention to take his own life in New York on his 21st birthday, in three years’ time. Before carrying out his intentions, he burned all his paintings and left a note which read: “an elegant suicide is the greatest masterpiece of all”.
The more Sam delves into Henry’s confusing life, the more he begins to lose sight of his own. Sam’s grip on things deteriorates to such an extent that his beautiful girlfriend Lila begins to worry about him in earnest. Time is running out fast when Sam makes a shocking discovery that concerns not only his patient Henry, but more importantly, himself and Lila, too.

USA 2005, 99 min


Marc Forster


Ewan McGregor
Naomi Watts
Ryan Gosling
Bob Hoskins
Kate Burton
Janeane Garofalo

World Sales

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.