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Jan 24, 2005:
Berlinale Showcase Im Kwon-Taek

The upcoming Berlinale’s showcase is dedicated to filmmaker Im Kwon-Taek. Among the great directors of Asia the Korean director holds a special position. Im Kwon-Taek began his work in film in 1962 and is currently working on his 100th production. Since 1982 seven of Im Kwon-Taek’s films have been screened in different sections of the Berlinale.

Im Kwon-Taek’s oeuvre is as multi-faceted as it is extensive. In his cross-section of the history and culture of his home country he always returns to themes of the civil war and the country’s division. His movies differ in style, yet all possess a characteristic signature. Im Kwon-Taek’s films are at the same time forceful, cinematographically charged, restrained, stylized and musical.

With this selection of films the Berlinale honours one of the greatest directors in Asia and world cinematography. Im Kwon-Taek has personally chosen the 20 most important films of his oeuvre. Thanks to the Korean film organisation KOFIC seven of these films will be presented in the special Berlinale retrospective, including five not yet shown outside Korea. New copies were made of many of the films. Following the Berlinale the Arsenal theatre will be screening the whole selection of films with an additional 13 films until the end of March. The showcase will be accompanied by a publication by Erika and Ulrich Gregor on Im Kwon-Taek in the “Kinemathek” series. It will contain original articles, a complete filmography and texts on the 20 selected films.

Im Kwon-Taek will be honoured at the screening of his film Chunhyang dyeon from 2000 in the Filmpalast on 12 February 2005.

Berlinale Special:

Chunhyang Dyeon (2000)


Jokbo (The Genealogy, 1978)


Chukje (Festival, 1996)


Mandala (1981)


Wang Sib Ri (A Bygone Romance, 1976)

Sopyonjie (1993)

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January 24, 2005