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Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Jan 19, 2005:
The Programme Is Completed – Perspektive Deutsches Kino to Open with the World Premiere of Dancing with Myself

This year’s Perspektive Deutsches Kino programme has been confirmed: it includes nine films – six features and three documentaries.

A very special documentary will open the fourth edition of the Berlinale’s Perspektive Deutsches Kino. Dancing with Myself by Judith Keil and Antje Kruska – who with Der Glanz von Berlin (Queens of Dust) also participated in the very first Perspektive Deutsches Kino – portrays the joys and sorrows of three young Berliners who through dancing finally learn to come to terms with themselves. Dancing with Myself demonstrates how the documentary genre never stops redefining its boundaries. “Emotionally and formally, the film goes way beyond classic documentaries. It puts a different perspective on our lives, and thus epitomizes the entire programme of the Perspektive Deutsches Kino,” section director Alfred Holighaus comments in explaining this choice.

Weltverbesserungsmaßnahmen (Measures to Better the World) by Jörn Hintzer and Jakob Hüfner also plays, though ironically, with documentary forms. The film presents seven bizarre yet plausible methods and inventions for solving a number of superfluous everyday problems. Euro banknotes with expiry dates that compel people to invest quickly and so stimulate the economy are just one example of these measures to better the world.

The world as it is or how it might be – in the zone between night and day, longing and despair – is where Florian Schwarz’s Katze im Sack (Let the Cat out of the Bag) takes place. Its characters are always good for surprises, whether they cause them themselves or are confronted by them. Christoph Bach, Jule Böwe and Walter Kreye are brilliant in this film, whose director is a graduate of the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg.

In Happy End, a 30-minute feature debut by young Hamburg advert-maker Sebastian Strasser, the main character creates a world of his own. Matthias Schweighöfer plays a young loner who finds the answers to life in numbers. But suddenly, when love takes its strange ways, numbers no longer count. Finally a coming-of-age story which is not a bag of clichés, but a truly refreshing romantic comedy.

Alongside the Perspektive Deutsches Kino, German film will have a new forum. On February 11, 2005, at the beginning of the Berlinale, – the largest Internet platform for German cinema worldwide – will be launched. Filmographic and biographic data on 30.000 German films and approximately 100.000 personalities, 7000 photos, reviews, synopses, interviews, portraits and topics will all be accessible free of charge at


Directed by: Maximilian Erlenwein

Dancing with Myself

Directed by: Judith Keil, Antje Kruska

Das Lächeln der Tiefseefische (Do Fish Smile?)

Directed by: Till Endemann

Happy End

Directed by: Sebastian Strasser

Janine F.

Directed by: Teresa Renn

Katze im Sack (Let the Cat out of the Bag)

Directed by: Florian Schwarz

Netto (Net)

Directed by: Robert Thalheim

Was lebst Du? (Whatz Up?)

Directed by: Bettina Braun

Weltverbesserungsmaßnahmen (Measures to Better the World)

Directed by: Jörn Hintzer, Jakob Hüfner

Press Release

January 19, 2005