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Jan 14, 2005:
Programme of the Kinderfilmfest / 14plus for the 55th Berlinale - Pilot Project with Berlin’s Schools

The 28th Kinderfilmfest programme is now complete. For the opening at the Zoo Palast on February 11, 2005, the guest of honour will be actress Corinna Harfouch, who – since her appearance in Bibi Blocksberg – is extremely popular with young audiences. The Kinderfilmfest will open with the Iranian film Hayat by Gholamreza Ramezani. In it, a girl makes an all-out effort to get to school on time for a very crucial exam. Yet since she is once again responsible for her brother and sister as well as the farm, this morning turns into a hair-raising race through her daily chores: here contemporary Iranian cinema shows in an entertaining manner how traditional gender images are gradually changing.

Another festival highlight will be the opening of the Berlinale’s youth film competition 14plus with actor Florian Lukas at the Zoo Palast on February 12, 2005. 14plus will start off by screening Voces Inocentes from Mexico, a politically explosive work in which director Luis Mandoki focuses on child soldiers in El Salvador during the 1980s.

Violence, such as it confronts young people in their private lives and society, is an issue throughout the programme. The vast majority of films viewed by the selection committee do not romanticize childhood or youth. The Kinderfilmfest has no intention of ignoring this tendency and sees this year’s programme as encouragement to take an exact look at things. The brave and self confident way in which young people deal with bare reality in most of the films is reassuring and has a lasting effect.

For the second year running, the Kinderfilmfest’s partner is the TV station Fox Kids in conjunction with JETIX, which has already conducted a survey with young audiences. According to its findings, nearly 80 percent of the children interviewed like going to the movies. Thanks to JETIX’s support, many of the films’ young actors and their directors will be able to attend Kinderfilmfest screenings. This means that a visit to this year’s Berlinale again promises to be a very special experience – a fact also reflected in the growing number of child reporters who, in collaboration with JETIX, the TAGESSPIEGEL and others, are to augment the classic journalistic coverage of the festival.

To strengthen the bond between the Kinderfilmfest / 14plus and its target groups, the Berlinale will for the first time carry out a pilot project with Berlin’s schools. 25 teachers will receive intensive assistance in preparing their classes for a visit to the festival as well as in evaluating and analysing their experiences afterwards.

The complete programme for this section includes films from 22 countries:

From Australia:

The Djarn Djarns by Wayne Blair / Kinderfilmfest short film

From China:

Zhe Ge Jia Qi Te Bie Chang (This Unusual Vacation) by Li Hong / Kinderfilmfest feature film

From Denmark:

Cirkeline og verdens mindeste superhelt (Little Big Mouse) by Jannik Hastrup / Kinderfilmfest feature film

Min far er bokser (My father is a Champ) by Morten Giese / Kinderfilmfest short film

Skyggen i Sara (The Shadow in Sara) by Karla Nielsen / Kinderfilmfest short film

Odins Øje (Odins Eye) by Maria Mac Dalland / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Germany:

Rain is Falling by Holger Ernst / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Germany/Switzerland:

Die kleine Monsterin (The Little Monsterette) by Ted Sieger and Alexandra Schatz / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Finland:

Pelikaanimies (Pelicanman) by Liisa Helminen / Kinderfilmfest feature film

From France:

Le Château des Autres (The Other Kids' Castle) by Pierre Luc Granjon / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Greece:

Pilala by Theo Papadoulakis / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Great Britain:

My Summer of Love by Pawel Pawlikowski / 14plus

Does God Play Football? by Michael Walker / Kinderfilmfest short film

How To Make Friends by Kara Miller / Kinderfilmfest short film

Lard by Ornette Spenceley / Kinderfilmfest short film

No Man’s Land by Clara Glynn / Kinderfilmfest short film

Skeleton Woman by Edith Pieperhoff / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Great Britain/Ireland:

The Mighty Celt by Pearse Elliott / 14plus

From Israel:

Sipur Kaits (Summer Story) by Shmuel Peleg Haimovitch / Kinderfilmfest feature film

From Iran:

Hayat by Gholamreza Ramezani / Kinderfilmfest feature film

Bazi (The Play) by Gholamreza Ramezani / Kinderfilmfest feature film

From Iran/Iraq:

Lakposhtha hâm parvaz mikonand (Turtles Can Fly) by Bahman Ghobadi / 14plus

From Italy:

Saimir (Saimir) by Francesco Munzi / 14plus

From Japan:

Sen-Nen-Bi (The Thousand Year Fire) by Naoki Segi / Kinderfilmfest feature film

Hana & Alice by Shunji Iwai / 14plus

From Latvia:

Redzi, Trusi... tētis brauc uz Londonu (Listen, Rabbit... Daddy goes to London) by Nils Skapans / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Mexico:

Voces Inocentes (Innocent Voices) by Luis Mandoki / 14plus

From New Zealand :

Kerosene Creek by Michael Bennett / Kinderfilmfest short film

The Little Things by Reina Webster / Kinderfilmfest short film

From the Netherlands:

Bluebird by Mijke de Jong / Kinderfilmfest feature film

Vent by Erik van Schaaik / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Norway/Sweden:

Ikke naken (The Color of Milk) by Torun Lian / Kinderfilmfest feature film

From Russia:

Italianetz (An Italian) by Andrei Krautchuk / Kinderfilmfest feature film

Pro moitschonka (About a Little Mouse) by Maria Mouat / Kinderfilmfest short film

From Sweden:

Lilla grisen flyger (Little Pig is Flying) by Alicja Jaworski / Kinderfilmfest short film

Fjorton Suger (Fourteen Sucks) by Filippa Freijd, Martin Jern, Henrik Norrthon and Emil Larsso / 14plus

From Sweden/Finland:

Populärmusik från Vittula (Popular Music) by Reza Bagher / 14plus

From Sweden/Norway:

Falla Vackert (Falling Beauty) by Lena Hanno Clyne / 14plus

From Switzerland/Germany:

Wackelkontakt (Loose Contact) by Ralph Etter / Kinderfilmfest short film

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January 14, 2005