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Sipur Kaits

Summer Story

Die Brieffreundin


Summer 1982. Israel is at war with the Lebanon. Thirteen-year-old Gal is working as a postman in a Moshav cooperative because almost all the male inhabitants have been conscripted to fight at the front. During one of his daily rounds in the small town where he lives he meets nineteen-year-old Haya, a girl with a weak heart who is corresponding intensively and, for her part, enthusiastically with several soldiers in the Lebanon. Only one of her pen pals – the one who happens to write the nicest letters – has not yet sent her a photo of himself. When the portrait finally appears, Gal slips it out of the envelope and tears it up.
For while Haya has been waiting with bated breath for the photograph to arrive Gal has fallen in love with the doomed young woman. Sharing her heartache and full of remorse, he fearlessly takes on the task of personally obtaining another picture of the soldier. And, incredibly, after a whole series of surprising events and heroic adventures, the boy actually manages to get to Lebanon…
In his debut as a feature film director, young Israeli director Shmuel Peleg Haimovitch tells a tale of growing up and first love, but also of death. Even though the love story seems futile and ends tragically, there is nevertheless a note of optimism in the finale.

Israel 2004, 74 min


Shmuel Peleg Haimovitch


Kosta Kaplan
Aya Koren
Tiki Dayan